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PLACE ........Keene New Hampshire
DATE ........Aug 30,31,1, September 2014
DIRECTIONS ........Keene Directions
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The 2014 New England Championship Horseshoe Tournament will be held in Keene New Hampshire. This will be the 34rd time Keene has hosted the New England Championship's. The last time it was held in Keene was in 2013 with 290 players .11 times Keene had over 300 participants, 2011 with 301, 2010 with 324, 2009 with 320, 2008 with 308, 2007 with 326, 2006 with 306, 2003 with 329, 2002 with 329, 1997 with 322, 1995 with 336, and 1993 with 312. . This year we hope to have over 300 players as the last several years have shown..
Who is elegible to enter the New England Tourney? You must hold a 2013 State NHPA card from one of the 6 New England States. Also you must have played in 2 SANCTIONED events, Tournaments or sanctioned Leagues. These events must have been played after last years New England Tourney. That of course means last years New England tourney will not count as one of the events. It's best to have enough events before 20 August 2014 as that is the date New England Stats will submit the stats to the Tournament Director. Events held between 19 Aug and 29 Aug will not qualify. Also Events that have not been submitted to the New England Stats also will not qualify.Juniors and service personnal that have been on Military active duty during 2014 will not need qualifing events.There will be no exceptions to these rules..
As of 1 Jan 2014 their are 271 New England Horseshoe Pitchers eligible for entry into the 2013 New England Championship

Best Western Sovereign Hotel 401 Winchester St. Keene NH 603 357-3038
Carriage Barn Guest House 358 Main St Keene NH 603 357-3812
Holiday Inn Express 175 Key Road Keene NH 603 352-7616
FAX 603 357-3619
Rocky brook Motel 850 Marlboro Road Keene NH 603 352-4236
Super 8 Motel 3 Ashbrook Road Keene NH 603 352-9780
Valley Green motel 379 West Street Keene NH 603 352-7350
Wright Mansion Inn 695 Court St. Keene NH 603 355-2288
Coach House Motel Lower Main St. Keene NH 603 352-4208
Keen Campground Behind Pits Keene NH 603 357-9832
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more to come as info becomes available.