Welcome to the Massachusetts Horseshoe Pitchers Association! The following application is to renew your membership or to join for the first time. When this is completed and received by the State Secretary, you will receive your 2014 MAHPA/NHPA membership card. Keep it in your wallet or your horseshoe box to show at tournaments.

Adults_____$25.00________ Juniors (18 & below)____$8.00______

Please make the check out to : MA HPA Ck. # (officer fill in)___________________

Send to Sec: Debby Michaud, 379 Hodges St., Taunton, MA 02780 508-822-9610

Check out the New England website: for more information and for the 2014 tournament schedule in Massachusetts and the other 5 New England states.

Name(first)________________________(MI) ____(Last)______________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________,MA______Zip_______________

Telephone ( )__________________E-mail address:______________________________

Winter address(if different)______________________________________________________

Applying as: New member______ Renewal____Years as member?_______NHPA #________

Birth Date______________________(required for Juniors and Elders, requested for others)

CATEGORY: Men 40 ft.________Men 30 ft*._________Women_________________

Junior Girl**_____________Junior Boy**_______________Cadet***_______________

*Men 70 and older or with a physical limitation. **Juniors = 18 years of age or less for the entire calendar year ***Cadet is 12 yrs. of age or less for the entire calendar year.

Breakdown of Adult Membership Fees NHPA - $17.00, MA HPA - $8.00

Breakdown of Junior Membership Fee (FREE if new or if previous yr. member and participated in 2 sanctioned events) NHPA - $5.00, MA HPA - $3.00

BOOSTER (contribution for publicity, 1st yr. Juniors, etc.)____________________________

________Ordering the Newsline magazine $12.00/yr., incl. in check IF a new subscriber only