Scorekeeper !!! Scorekeeper on pit 5,Scorekeeper on pit 9,Scorekeeper on pit 18.


Hey George why donít we have a scorekeeper? Why has the Host Club not supplied us with a scorekeeper? I know what you mean Harry; I really get peeved when we have to keep our own score.


††††††††††† Can you picture being at the world tourney with 55 pits with no scorekeeperswhen all of a sudden a bus drives up and unloads 55 HOST CLUB scorekeepers that will stay their for every game for the next 2 weeks keeping score???.


Sorry you must be dreaming.


††††††††††† George says Heckno, that would be unrealistic. Harry says your right George but we still donít have a scorekeeper. Also they donít have one on pit 5,9, and 18.


††††††††††† George says I kept 2 games for the morning session and I canít under stand why they did not stay and keep 7 games foe us.OOPS, did I say that.


††††††††††† Really Mr. or Mrs. Horseshoe Player do you want to be Guaranteed that you will have a scorekeeper every time you step up and play your game.


††††††††††† Scorekeepers come from us the players.


††††††††††† Please Bring your own.


This message is from Jim Hanson only and not necessarily the position of the New England Horseshoes Pitchers Association.