Gardner Horseshoe Club
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186 Mill St
Gardner Massachusetts
Contact Henry Morse 978 422-6070 or
President .& Treasurer........Henry Morse
Vice President ..Omer Richard
978 632-9085
Secretary.......Jerry Hamel
978 827-5435

{short description of image} What you should know about us.

No commitment - play when you want. You play six games, each with a different team partner. Partners are chosen at random. If you're there, great, if you're not, no big deal.

Handicap leagues - keeps games competitive. It doesn,t matter how strong or weak a player you are; the handicap points help even things out.
Available all year - some members play during the summer, others play the "off season" period (October through April), some play both. Your choice.

An assortment of beverages is available at reasonable prices on the "honor system" in our refrigerator.
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{short description of image} Costs - Club membership fee of $25.00 per year, plus $5.00 or $3.00 per night, depending on the number of times you play that week.
Tournaments - approximately seven (7) (non sanctioned) tournaments are held each year. Entry fees are usually $12.00. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners.
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Meetings - we meet twice a year to discuss club issues and we have a year-end banquet with dinner and trophies awarded for the "year end" club championions tournament.
"Fun" is the name of the game. We get together to "pitch some shoes" and have a good time.
Gardner Horseshoe Club has 4 Indoor Clay courts .
You do not need to hold an NHPA card to be a member of the Gardner Horseshoe club.
Interested? Questions? Contact Henry Morse 978 422-6070
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Map and directions to Gardner Horseshoe Club. Tosty at Gardner HSC