{short description of image} Hamilton Horseshoe Club {short description of image}
Patton Park
Rt 1A, Hamilton, Massachusetts
(Contact) John Newbury - Sedc/Treasure 508 531-5111
Bob Black - President
Larry Connors - Vice President
Hamilton Horseshoe club has been organized since 1947. Hamilton is a sanctioned League club and has 1 or 2 sanctioned NHPA tournaments each year HAMILTON OPEN TOURNEY
{short description of image} From President Bob Black, I would like to extend a personal invite to you to join us. We pitch on Monday (Singles) and Wednesday (Doubles) nights. Playing time is approximately 6 PM till 10PM.
We pitch Singles, 50 shoe games, using a handicap system.
Hamilton HSC has 13 courts with Blue clay.
Full Membership for the Hamilton club is $15.00 per year plus $1 per playing night.
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 Hamilton being a sanctioned League you do have to be a member of the NHPA to play in our league play, Also to play in the 1 or 2 sanctioned tourney's that we hold at Hamilton you must purchase a NHPA card from the state you live in.
Not all our our members pitch in tournaments, but many do just that. Some just enjoy the Monday or Wednesday Night League. The choice is yours!!!
Men, Ladies, Boys & Girls. All are welcome. Men 40 FT, Woman 30 FT, Juniors under 18 pitch 30 FT. and Men 70 or over may pitch 30 or 40 FT.
 Map and directions to Hamilton Horseshoe Club.