Compatibility Report for 2002  MUTIBLE RESULTS.xls
Run on 8/14/2008 12:14
The following features in this workbook are not supported by earlier versions of Excel. These features may be lost or degraded when you save this workbook in an earlier file format.
Minor loss of fidelity # of occurrences
Some formulas in this workbook are linked to other workbooks that are closed. When these formulas are recalculated in earlier versions of Excel without opening the linked workbooks, characters beyond the 255-character limit cannot be returned.     56
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C11:D11
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C16:D19
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C21:D21
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C23:D23
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C25:D27
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C29:D29
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C31:D31
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C34:D35
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C39:D39
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C42:D42
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C44:D44
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C47:D47
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C49:D51
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C53:D53
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C55:D55
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C57:D57
  'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C60:D61
      'DANBURY 2003 DOUBLES'!C64:D64