{short description of image}   Loon PondHorseshoe Club {short description of image}  
at the Formerly Ted Williams Baseball Camp
Lakeville Massachusetts
Contact President: Mike St, Pierre Jr.
Vice President: Scott Bedard 
 Secretary: Debby Michaud
Treasurer: Jo Demoranville,
SinSingles Statistician: Eric Medeiros
 Doubles statistician/recycling: Wendy Kruczek
Court Chairman: Ron Medeiros
Mandi Miller - Publicity
Debby Michaud (club founder) 508 822-9610
2013 Tournament directors:
Wendy Kruczek, Scott Bedard, Debby Michaud, Eric Medeiros, and Melissa St. Pierre

The Doubles League of the Loon Pond Horseshoe Club has completed its first half. We have two divisions of 14 teams each. After 7 weeks, the winners of the first half in Division I are Sue Rapoza and Joao Quiterio.
Sue and Joao have both competed in several sanctioned tournaments, winter and summer, and their tournament/competition experience shows. They won 16 games and only lost 5 in seven nights of League! They are now eligible to compete for Doubles League champion. Following them were Scott Bedard and Abram Lewis, both improving steadily while Melissa and Mike St. Pierre Jr. were in third place. In Division II, the winners for the first half were Tim and Brett Higgins, father and son team from Easton.
It is Brett's first year and he has good form, just like his Dad. In second place for the first half were newcomers Bruce Allen and Joe Perry, just behind because of fewer wins although they garnered the same amount of points - so close!
In third is another team with two newcomers - Brian and Lisa Platt. They are teamed up with veteran Chris White. Lisa throws a 'shoe that doesn't do anything in the air, just heads straight for the stake! The singles league has two more weeks to go before it finishes up the first half - we will let you know the results!

Loonpond League Stats

{short description of image}  Our facility has 12 locked courts for members only and 4 courts open to the public, with horseshoes always available to anyone using them. Many groups who rent the recreation complex use those courts. Loon Pond is in the background.
hHistory of the Loon Pond Horseshoe Club
OOur horseshoe club began in 1984 with 8 pitchers. We called ourselves the Raynham Horseshoe Club and pitched on 4 courts built by that town's Park Dept. We held a tournament that first year with 9 entries. In 1985 our membership doubled and we voted to pitch organized doubles competition and to become an NHPA sanctioned league. Each year we grew and in 1992 added another court and a singles league. That year we acquired 2 new statisticians, Dean Schmidlin and Roy Robertson, who put everything on computer. Eric Medeiros has taken over as singles statistician and Wendy Kruczek is now our doubles statistician as both Roy and Dean have moved away. As our membership grew, we needed more courts and began to save money towards that purpose. Leo Michaud was president at that time and vowed to stay on until we did have those new courts.
IIIn 1995, when we thought we might never get a better court facility, the town of Lakeville approached us. With our money, our knowledge of the game, and some of our elbow grease, the Park Dept. of Lakeville, (mainly Hoppy and Bob Hopkins who later become members of our club) built a fine 16 court facility in their recreation complex, formerly the Ted Williams baseball camp. When we began pitching there in 1996 we had doubled our membership again. As we are located next to Loon Pond, we voted on a new name, the Loon Pond Horseshoe Club.
Our facility is now decorated with an 8 ft. wood sculpture of a loon on the pond and an arm holding a horseshoe, donated by a new 1998 member, Wayne DeMoranville. {short description of image}
We now have 80 pitchers in our singles and doubles leagues, and 3 juniors pitchers. We pitch singles on Mondays, and doubles on Wednesdays.

Singles competition on Monday's is 3 - 50 shoe games with 90% handicap.

Doubles competition on Wednesday's is 3 - 30 shoe per partner games with 90% handicap.

The Wednesday league is recreational/instructional and is now in the afternoon at 2:30 PM for seniors or third shift pitchers.

Total fee for the year is $55.00 which includes the NHPA sanction fee. We hold 3 - 5 NHPA sanctioned tournaments every summer in which our court maintenance chairman Ron Medeiros and our food chairmen are put to the test. We also have a T-shirt, recycling chairman, Wendy Kruczek.
ComCome join us - we have a lot of fun! Hope to see you someday!
Loon Pond Horseshoe Club Plenty of parking at Loon Pond Horseshoe Club and some shaddy area's to cool down.
At the computer are Roy Robertson and Leo Michaud busy, at work during one of the sanctioned tournaments held at the Loon Pond courts. {short description of image}
Map to Loon Pond Horseshoe club