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at the rear of Club Jogues on 184 Boston Street
Coventry, Rhode Island 
Contacts Brian Gallucci -Vice President 401 ???-????
Dan Molineaux- Secretary 401 255-2291 ....E-Mail ....dan.molineaux@yahoo.com

{short description of image}  The Brand New Little Rhody Horseshoe Courts
 Our facility has 8 Brand New Clay courts for members only. Also there are 4 sand practice courts. We have a doubles league which is non- sanctioned that is held on Wednesday nights and a singles league non-sanctioned that playes on Thursday nights. Also we have a Sanctioned Singles League which plays Monday nights. {short description of image}
{short description of image}h Once you see the Club Jogues on Boston St. You are there.
Cost for joining our league $40.00 a year. $20.00 for the first half and $20.00 for the second half. Their is no nightly cost.
Little Rhody Horseshoe Club is the Home club of Champion Brian Simmons
The Little Rhody Horseshoe Club has 47 active members and we are in our 6th year.
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Class A
{short description of image} Plenty of parking at Little Rhody Horseshoe Club. Over 70 parking spots and room for several RV's too.
Plenty to eat at the Tourney's with several items on the menu besides dogs & burgers {short description of image}
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The Dons of Connecticut
{short description of image}WTC Fund
{short description of image}What Rain?
Map to Little Rhody Horseshoe club