New England's Most Improved Players

The Most Improved Player is awarded at the New England Tourney held on Labor Day Weekend. It is awarded to the New England player that has the bigest regular pecentage gain from one year to another. For instance for the 2012 NEC tourney the award will be given to the player with the highest gain for the year 2011. To be eligable that player must have played at least 4 sanctioned events (Tourneys or leagues) in 2010 and 4 in 2011. Begining at the 2004 NEC this award will be awared to both short and long distance players. No player can win the award more then once.


2011 Jonathon Sherwood, Connecticut Chris Briglia, Connecticut.
2010 .Pat Knapp-Howard, New Hampshire .Craig Brown, Vermont
2009 Keeley Phipps, Connecticut Randy Smith, Connecticut
2008 Jeremy Guyette, New Hampshire Ronald Dube, Connecticut
.2007 Michael Sheehan, Massachusetts .Dirk Dietz, Connecticut
2006 Estelle Green, New Hampshire Bob Burritt, Connecticut
2005 Jason Guyette, New Hampshire Chris Byrne, Connecticut
2004 Randy Little Jr., Vermont Eric Becker, Vermont
2003 Ginny Kennedy, Connecticut Steve Lavoie, Connecticut.
2002 Joanne Martin, Massachusetts .
2001 Deb Scully, Connecticut .
2000 Meagan Bigelow, Vermont .
1999 . Don Chamberlain, Vermont
1998 Dave Thibeault, Maine .
1997 . Dave Wescott, New Hampshire
1996 Kathy Sullivan, Massachusetts .
1995 Nancy Guilmette, Connecticut .
1994 Chris Bearor, Vermont .
1993 Gerry Brooks, Maine .
1992 . Jim Hanson Jr., Massachusetts
1991 Elaine Hansen, Connecticut .
1990 Greg Crocker, Vermont .
1989 David Moore, New Hampshire .
1988 Ben Vasquez, Vermont .
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