Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Gil Brinkman//

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Gil started pitching about 1930, but his first venture into organizing was in 1935 when he helped start an indoor four-team league at the Springfield YMCA. This league lasted until 1939 with Gil as league Secretary. From that time on until 1970 he was secretary of some from of leagues almost continuously, including a Triple A league, Cafe league, Industrial league, and an Indoor Club League. In 1959 Gil helped to reorganize the Forest Park Club and was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Club, of which he held until 1965 when the name of the club was changed to the West-Side Club. Then he became Secretary-Treasurer of that organization until 1970. In 1965 Gil was responsible for obtaining the use of the park property, which was used to build 20 clay courts with lights in which the West-Side Club uses. He was one of the hard workers on the committee which installed the courts. His longest stretch as league Secretary was from 1959 to 1970 in the Forest Park Club and West-Side Handicap league.

Gil also ran an Eastern States Exposition Championship Tournament every fall for about 10 years. He was West-Side Club Tournament Director in 1969 and 1970, running Mass. Open, Western Mass and State meets.

In recent years Gil has concentrated on trying to promote Junior Horseshoe Pitching in the Springfield Area. He was Mass. State Association President in 1961 and Vice-President for two years. In 1974 he worked with Park and Recreation organizing a Playground League with 11 playgrounds taking part. He is still active in our sport.