Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Ed & AnneDomey

{short description of image} 1979
For seven years Heritage Recreation Center has been the year round center of horseshoe pitching in Massachusetts, in New England, and indeed, in the Nation. The owners, operators, and moving forces behind the growth of our sport have been Ed and Anne Domey. The list of their accomplishments is virtually endless.
Paid scorekeepers, tournaments no longer mean a 10-12 hour day for pitchers.

Better prizes: Turkeys, Roast Beefs, Hams, attractive skillfully designed plaques, and cash have supplanted the more mundane trophies.

Promotion: Displays, television coverage, and audience participation at malls and home shoes have drawn the public's attention to our sport. These efforts have translated into more members and more people pitching.

New league formats: Experimentation and the catering to different methods of play preferred by different pitchers have added new meaning to the concept of fun filled pitching within an organized structure.

Showcased pitching talent: Thanks to the Domey's, local pitchers have been able to compete with the best pitchers in the world, including Carl Steinfeldt, "Deadeye" Williams, Elmer Hohl, and Debby Michaud.

When all is said and done, what makes the Domey's stand above the crowd, and why we put them in our Hall of Fame, is their concern and interest in people. Every pitcher is treated like a champ, from the World Champion to the raw beginner. A friendly greeting for everyone who passes for everyone who passes through the entrance. A National Anthem before the start of every class. An announcement, two painted stakes, and well turned clay before every class's playoff game. A hot meal at 11 P.M. on a Saturday night when every restaurant is closed. Out-of-state pitchers find their state's flag flying at Heritage. Is it any wonder that pitchers can't wait to return, to get more of that splendid treatment?

Ed Domey couldn't do it alone, Anne Domey couldn't it alone. But together, and with the help of their children Paul, Barbara, and Janice, we have witnessed the very best feature of our sport: Activity and family participation. It is only fitting that Ed and Anne Domey should be inducted into the Massachusetts Hall of Fame as a team.