Massachusetts Hall of Fame

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Barbara started pitching in the NHPA organized tournaments in 1990. She quickly excelled through the lower classes. With 2 4th place finishes her first 2 tournaments, she placed first in her next tournaments. IN 1991 she played in her first class "A" tourney. In 1992 she won her first Class "A" tourney. With exception of the World Tourney in 1999 Barbara has played in class "A" singles her last 105 straight tourneys since 1995.

Since 1990 Barbara pitched in 45 Massachusetts tourneys, 36 of them in class "A", some mixed and some in women's classes. In class "A" she has placed first 6 times, second 5 times and third 8 times. Barbara won the Woman's Massachusetts State Championship 4 times, 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000.
Please consider this request for Barbara L. Hanson induction into the Massachusetts HPA Hall of Fame.