Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Bart Sargent//

{short description of image} 1989
Bart joined the St. Moritz Horseshoe Club late in the summer of 1973 and the Mass. Horseshoe Pitchers Association in 1974. He soon became involved in the organizational aspects of the sport. In 1976 he was elected President of the club and served two years in that position. In 1978 he stepped down and became Secretary/Statistician since 1984.

Bart's principle contribution to the club has been as league statistician for two leagues since 1977 and as tournament director for about the same period of time. He has the responsibility of forming the teams, setting the schedules, and computing all averages and handicaps. As tournaments director he runs the year-end club championships interim tournaments and makes the arrangements for matches with other clubs.

On the state level Bart contributed to the well being of the membership through a special labor of love, the compiling, for each player who had pitched tournaments Heritage Recreation Center. A summary of his or her pitching record at all tournaments, not just those at Heritage. This project took him over two years to complete. He conducted his research in back issues of the Horseshoe Pitchers Digest and the Gadoury/Sweeney file of tournaments held in New England since 1972. Bart is also noted for his willingness to engage in any activity that will help promote the sport, such as by submitting articles to newspapers and to the News Digest. He can be found keeping score at any tournaments he attends, as participant or spectator.