Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Charlie Bonani//

{short description of image} 1989
Charley started his career with the St. Moritz Horseshoe Club in 1976. That year he had 38.5%. That year he entered the Massachusetts State and finished 2nd in class D with a 40.6%. In 1977 he finished 2nd in Class B in the Mass. State losing a playoff game to John Duffy with a 48.7%. In the New England he finished 2nd, in Class BB, with a 51%. He has done well in the Tournament of Champions. In 1976 he finished 2nd, in his group with 49.7%, fourth in the finals with a 48%.

In 1978 he finished 2nd with 60.3% in the finals, 57.8%. In 1980 he finished 1st in his group with a 67.7% and tied for first in the finals. In 1979 he was 2nd in his group with a 63.7% and 4th in the finals with a 63.5. In 1976 he won Class C in Vermont Open. In 1980 he won Class 2 in the Christmas Classic with a 65.3%.

He was mass. State Champion 3 times, in 1982, 1984. and 1988. He was 2nd in 1983, 1985, 1986, and 1987. In 1984 he beat John Kapnis in a playoff with 67.1% for that tournament. In 1985 he entered the World tournament in Lafayette Ind. In the prelims he was 4th with a 67.1%. In the Class B finals he was 11th with a 67.8%. This qualified him for Championship Class where he finished 29th out of 32 players. Among his 7 wins was over two times champ, Dale Lipovsky, 43-32 in 108 shoes and 75% each. He also beat Norm Rioux 41-32. He also had a 90% game at St. Moritz Club.