Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Dave Belle///

{short description of image} 2005
David Belle has played a major role in organizing and running of the Central Mass Horseshoe Club (Sanctioned). He has been involved for over 11 years. The CMHC being one of the biggest HS clubs in Massachusetts has always had 70 to 90 players in which he played a Major role in keeping them all Sanctioned members. CMHC is now a traveling League witch takes a lot of planning and coordination.

David is also one of the tournament directors of the CMHC witch hold several sanctioned tournaments every year at the Shewsbury horseshoe pits. He has been tournament director to 2 or 3 tournaments a year including running at least 2 State singles tournaments and 2 State Doubles tournaments.

He treats all classes the same being class A or class K. When he is not the TD he is still helping out the other TD's preparing the courts and running the stats on the computer.

Massachusetts Horseshoe Pitchers Association is proud to announce David Bell, our newest member of the Massachusetts Hall of Fame member as an Organizer.