Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Edgar Landry//

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Edgar started competitive pitching in 1935, as a teenager, averaging approximately 60% through 1942. After the war, the first records available show him starting in 1951 by winning the New England Championship with a 73.9%. Between 1951 and 1967 he was the best pitcher in New England. He won the mass. State Meet ten times and the New England meet ten times, Averaging 72% for the whole period.

In 1960 and 1961 he did not pitch because of illness and in 1967 he had to quit because of illness, and has not pitched in ant tournaments since. His best tournament was in the 1965 New England Meet when he averaged 79.7% for fifteen games. Edgar won Class B of the World Championship in 1964 averaging 78.4%, the highest ringer percentage since the Class B competition started in 1951.