Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Edward Domey//

{short description of image} 1977
Ed has been pitching horseshoes ever since he was a teenager.

We have only a couple of records that go back to 1954. That year he came in 11th in the New England meet.

He returned to the game in earnest in 1968. Since that time he has pitched in over 60 tournaments. In these meets he has pitched consistently from 60 to 80% ringers. He has won over 10 of these meets.

Since 1974 he has a record of hardly ever pitching under 70% in a meet. He hit the *0% bracket in the 1975 Massachusetts Open. He has pitched as high as 83.5% in a winter meet to brake the all-time New England records.

He has pitched in Class "A" in the 1975 and 1976 World Meets coming 12th and 13th respectively. His ringer percentages were 74 and 76. His 526 qualifying score set a record for a New England player in a World meet.

For 1974-75-76, Ed has been one of the most outstanding players in New England.

In 1977, Ed won the Massachusetts Championship for the second time.