Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Harold Perkins//

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The first records available on H. L. Perkins as an organizer was in 1925 when he was elected President of the Connecticut Valley Horseshoe League, which played at Forest Park, Springfield. That same year he was appointed an Honorary Vice-President of the NHPA. He was responsible for getting the Brattleboro Fair to apply to the NHPA for a sanction for the New England Singles and Doubles Championships to be played at the fair through 1928. In 1926 Perkins was elected President of the New England Association. He traveled around Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire promoting the sport of Horseshoe Pitching.

In 1927 he and his daughter, Doris started putting on exhibitions at fairs and fraternal outings. They continued these exhibitions until 1937. Perkins won the 1928 New England title in singles competition and paired with John Frazer to win the New England Doubles title in 1925 and 1926.

He was the tournament Director for the 1927 and 1928 New England singles meet at the 1930 meet at North Attleboro.

Perkins claims to have perfected a ¾ turn open shoe in 1898, which was long before the date recognized by the NHPA. The first open shoe ever pitched in a World Meet was by George May in 1921.