Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Jimmy O'shea///

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James O'Shea of 81 North Leyden Street, Brockton Mass. Was to the many friends and people who knew him, the best horseshoe pitcher that the New England ever had. His competence and good sportsmanship on and off the courts made him the good champion he was. Jim started to play in 1930 and stopped pitching in 1948. His record is as follows. He won the Mass. State Championship seven times, in 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938, 1940, and 1941. Two of these years he averaged 81%. In 1938 in an all-star match against the best from New York, he averaged 84% for five games.

Jim won the New England Championship three times and competed in three World Championships, qualifying for Class A each time. In 1935 he finished 10th with a 65% average, wining 14, and losing 9. No records are available for 1937 but in 1947 at Salt Lake City he finished 5th with an average of 78%. In 1938 in the Midwest Ringer Round-Up, he finished 8th, averaging 77.5%.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame Jim.