Massachusetts Hall of Fame

{short description of image} 2007
A member of the Saint Moritz Club out of Quincy Massachusetts. Janet started pitching in 1986.When she first started she was pitching from 40 ft Janet's ringer percentage that year was 24.3% and a high game of 40% In 1996 she moved to 30Ft she pitched 44.34. with a high game of 62.5%
That same year Janet, became Secretary Treasurer. To the Saint Moritz club. In 1998 Janet won the League Class B championship and received a 70% patch In 1997 and 1999 with a 4.89 % and a 6.71% over she received the most improved award In 2003 in a playoff with Debby Michaud, Janet won her first State Championship. That day Janet pitched a 63.41%

In her club in 2004 She was High game league champ with 79% In 2005 and again in 2006 became President of The Saint Moritz club Those two years 2005-2006 she won the league Class A club championship

We now proceed to 2006 with a 55.86% Janet won the Ma State Championship again for the second time. Janet is a real competitor on the courts This quote was from someone who truly knows her ( Jim Tyrie) It's an honor to nominate her for the Massachusetts Hall of Fame