Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Joe Guy/////

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Joe Guy began pitching horseshoes as a teenager in his uncle's back yard, also the game of Quoits-a game quite similar to horseshoes except for the shoe, which was round with a hole in the center. This game was more difficult and not very popular.

He started playing league around age 30 just after military service playing with the Forest Park Horseshoe league at Moxie's Grove in Southampton Massachusetts until a fire destroyed the area forcing us to find new quarters.

He was instrumental in securing Mittineague park west Springfield where we built 20-court facility, complete with running water and lights. This area has been in continuous use now for more then 25 years.

Served many years as the leagues (now called the West Side Horseshoe League) Recording Secretary and also as it's President. Last four years, have continued to pitch while working with younger men towards new leadership for the future. Served about 10 years as a representative of the West Side club to the state meeting. Served as State president for 4 consecutive years during the 1970's

Helped form a state league in the 60's, playing matches throughout the state on weekends. The league broke up due to lack of players willing to travel a distance for matches each week after the second year of play.

Organized and ran many inter-league tournaments as well as the Western Massachusetts Annual Tournament which included all leagues west of Worcester. Organized and ran a very successful Mass. Open.

Played in many state Tournaments, Massachusetts Opens, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire opens as well as the New England.

Listed in the "American Directory of Horseshoes Pitching".