Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Leo Michaud

{short description of image} 2011
Leo Michaud has been a member of the Ma HPA for 33 years In this time he has contributed a great deal of his time and energy to our sport. As a Treasurer not once but stepping up for a second term.

Most of his 33 three years served to the members of this horseshoe game we play I know from experience working with Leo, he is very helpful In his guidance to his secretaries who work under him You could call him any time, and his response was swift and efficient.

This helped to make our job a lot easier to carry out. In my 14 years of being secretary the majority of them were with Leo Michaud. For a time when he was not the treasure for Massachusetts He became Treasurer to the New England Horseshoe Pitchers Association.

If that wasn't enough he is now and has been the Regional Director for New England. Please consider Leo Michaud for the Massachusetts hall of fame, as an Organizer.

Submitted by Barbara Hanson July 9, 2011