Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Percy Howe////

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Percy started pitching when he was 8 years old in Winchester, New Hampshire in 1927. He continued neighborhood pitching until after World Was II when he joined the Athol Club. They had too many players in their club so in 1950 he organized a team at the L.S. Starrett Tool Company, where he worked, and they played other teams in the area. In the next few years he helped run tournaments in Brattleboro, Vermont. In 1956 the Franklin County Doubles League was organized and Percy was elected Secretary of a four-team league. He is still Secretary after 19 years and now has 15 teams, after changing the name of the league to Twin County league. Percy ran the County Franklin fair meets and a number of club tournaments.

He served as president or Vice President of the Massachusetts State Association for about ten years. He also ran a number of Western Massachusetts championships meets. He helped with the Massachusetts State Championships at Moxie's Grove and at the West Side Club courts in West Springfield. Percy is always ready and willing to help promote horseshoes anywhere in New England. During the New England meets he usually winds up keeping score from morning to night. In 1975 he was elected to the Massachusetts State Executive Board.