Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Peter Shepard//

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Peter Shepard was appointed New England Regional Director by the NHPA president Ralph Dykes in 1970. He has worked for our sport for the past 10 years.

On the State level he was instrumental in encouraging Ed Domey to build Heritage Recreation Center, which is the foundation of our sport in Massachusetts. He helped organize the South Hamilton Club; he also helped organize the park and Recreation Courts at Raynham.

Peter is General Manager of St. Pierre Manufacturing Company of Worcester, which manufactures thousands of pairs of horseshoes annually. Through his position with this company, the sport in New England and throughout the country has benefited by the donation of untold numbers of pairs of horseshoes and many cash donations to New England and Massachusetts tournaments. He has helped New Hampshire Clubs in Franklin, Derry, and Portsmouth, South Portland in Maine, Springfield in Vermont, Hampden in Connecticut, and has kept Rhode Island alive by bringing Rhode Island State Championship to heritage Recreation Center.

On the National level he has attended 16 consecutive World Tournaments. In 1970 he approved Bernard Herfurth's appointment as Chairman of the NHPA Hall of Fame Committee, which he still holds. He was instrumental in the fine display at the World Meets. He helped start clubs in West Virginia and Huntsville, Alabama. At World Tournaments, for many years he has worked in the office 16 to 18 hours daily with registrations, qualifying, checking results of games and has handed World meets receipts.

After a brief leave, peter was re-appointed in 1980 as New England Regional Director.