Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Ray Bedard

{short description of image} 2010
Player: Has pitched since early 90's, starting at 35% and improving in ringer % steadily over the years. Now his High 3 is over 70%. Has pitched in Class A Men's at the State tournament since 2000 and has won one state title - in 2007 he earned his first MA HPA State Men's Championship. He is consistently among the top 3 finishers in any State tournament and also, now, in any local or regional tournament.

In the New England championships, he has been in the Championship round every year since 2006 when he finished 8th. He improved each year and finished 2nd in the last two New England championships, 2008 and 2009.

Has pitched in the World tournament every year from 1999 on, and has been in the Men's Championship group the last two years at the World tournament. Has been invited, as one of the top 16 male pitchers in the world, to compete at the Six-Pac Invitational Horseshoe Tournament in Missouri for the last two years.

Organizer: Has run numerous tournaments as tournament director. Has been tournament director for the state tournament. Has been state president since he was first elected to that position in 1999. For several years was active in the Elks League in So. Attleboro and in the Foxboro Horseshoe League.

Is currently active in the Central MA H.C. Has authored computer programs to run singles tournaments, doubles tournaments, and Team tournaments. Is involved and ready to help in any state function or activity.