Massachusetts Hall of Fame
Russell Gadoury//

{short description of image} 1981
Russell was elected in the Organizer category to the 1981 Massachusetts Hall of Fame.

He started as Chairman of the Quincy St. Moritz Horseshoe Club. He got involved in organizing tournaments, organized inter-club matches and other details relating to horseshoe pitching.

He was elected President of the St. Moritz Club in 1974. He was also elected Publicity Director of our State Association that year. One of the ways he worked in Publicity was to release newspaper articles about Class Winners and send them to their respective papers.

In 1976 he was elected Secretary-Treasurer of our State Association and also Secretary of the New England Association. He was still serving as State Secretary at the time of his induction.

In 1978 he was appointed NHPA League Coordinator. He was the logical choice for this position as he was originator of the NHPA Sanctioned league program, which proved successful. He processed the membership reports, designed and issued all awards; he also tabulated top ten pitchers in the country in several pitching categories. He wrote the new well-received "Red Book" that describes the complete program.

Due to his work with the NHPA Sanctioned league Program he was awarded the "Stokes Award" in 1979. The award is given annually to the one person in the NHPA who has done the most for the sport in the previous year.

The following is a summary of his achievements as an Organizer. In 1973 he organized the handicap Tournament of Champions. Since 1974 has kept records of all New England Players averages. Wrote the "Red Book" for the NHPA Sanctioned League Program. Has written a majority of Heritage Recreation articles and State Tournaments articles for the News Digest. In 1975 he wrote the new England Constitution and by laws.