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off Route 7
Middle Road
Milton Vermont
Contact David Trayah 802 893-6586
President .........Bob Gordon
Secretary.......David Trayah
{short description of image} Champlain valley Horseshoe Club has been organized since 19??. CVHC is a sanctioned League club and are host of several sanctioned tournaments each year.
From President Bob Gordon, I would like to extend a invite to you to join us. We pitch on Monday nights. Cost is $5 a night. No cost to join League.
We pitch Doubles on Monday Nights.
Champlain valley Horseshoe Club has 16 Clay courts .
Their is ample parking space at Champlain valley Horseshoe Club.
Champlain valley Horseshoe Club being a sanctioned Club, you do have to be a card carrying member of the NHPA to play in our league play, Being a member of the NHPA also allows you to play in sanctioned tournaments. {short description of image}
Come on up to Milton and see our beautiful state. The air is breathable and summer's are cooler. Some just enjoy the Monday Night Club play, and some do both the league and tournaments. The choice is yours!!!
 Map and directions to Champlain Valley Horseshoe Club.