Person making nomination must provide all necessary documentation on nominee.


Nominee Information

(Please type or print)


Name ____________________________________________________   Birth date _________________________


(If deceased, please fill in date of death ____________________________ )


Mailing Address ____________________________________________  Phone No._________________________


City _________________________________________  State ________________ Zip Code _________________



Nomination Category ----- Please check one

PLAYER ----- A man or woman who has won at least one New Hampshire Class “A” State Championship.

Must have pitched in Class “A” in the New Hampshire State tournament for a ten year period.
Retired or deceased players must have a minimum of five years.

ORGANIZER  ----- A person who has made significant and beneficial contributions to the New Hampshire
            Horseshoe Pitchers Association in an administrative capacity: such as an officer or         Committee member and must have a least ten years of membership.


PLAYER/ORGANIZER  -----  Must meet all the requirements for both a “Player” and an “Organizer”.


Family Data

A brief personal history including names of parents, spouse, children and grandchildren, etc. 

     May also include: State or country where born and locations where the nominee has lived.




List the achievements of the nominee which you feel support the merit of the nomination.

You may also attach additional documents that verify your information, or write

on the back of this sheet if you need more space. Please include a photo of the nominee (if available).








state why you feel this nominee is worthy to be inducted into the nHhpa hall of fame:








Person making this nomination:


Name ____________________________________________________   Date _______________________

Mailing Address ____________________________________________

City ______________________________________  State ________________  Zip Code ______________

Phone _________________________________  E-mail Address __________________________________

Horseshoe Club __________________________________________________




Please send Nomination Form to: Tom Booth u 221 Buck Street u Pembroke, NH 03275

E-mail: tom@boothartworks.com


Form must be received by January 31st for the Nominee to be included in the voting for that year.