New Hampshire Hall of Fame
/Bernie Davis Sr.//

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Bernie, who is 78 and lives in Boscawen NH, captured the Dtate Class A Championship in 1981. In 1974 at the World Tournament in Keene NH, he took first place in the Class D Championship. The following is some of Bernie's first place finishes throughout his career:

1971 Keene Open class FF 39.8%
1972 Vermont Open Class B 63.2%
1972 NH State Class D
1972 New England Class G 42.5%
1974 World Class D-4 66.6%
1974 World Class D 55.8%
1977 Franklin W.U. Class A
1981 Keene W.U. Class A 55%
1981 NH State Class A 64.7%
1985 Keene Open Class BB
1991 Keene W.U. Class BB 61.0%

Throughout Bernies long career of competing in Class A tournaments, if he didn't take a first place, he would often come in 2nd or 3rd