New Hampshire Hall of Fame

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Pitching with the grace of a ballet dancer and the accuracy of a sharpshooter this veteran player, with a friendly disposition and fierce competitiveness has won many first place trophies throughout his pitching years.
Here are just a few of Mike's career victories.
1978 NH State 1st Class B 53%
1980 Keene Open 1st Class B 55%
1983 Keene Warm-up Class A Champion 59.6%
1987 NH State Class A Champion 65.9%
1990 Keene Warm-up 1st Class B 59.5%
1993 Keene Open 1st Class BB 57.2%
1994 NH State 2nd Class A 55.1%
1994 New England 1st Class CC 54%
1995 warren Hall 1st Class BB 49.7%

After a grueling Championship game in 1994 Mike said: I never expected to be here let alone do as well. I love this game, what can you do? can't get out of it. I should, but I can't, and we all hope Mike, you'll never stop pitching.