New Hampshire Hall of Fame
/Phil Bergeron//

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In 1990 and again in 1991 Phil won the State Class A Championship. This outstanding competitor has not only accomplished these back-to-back victories but has also won many other tournaments. Here are just some of Phil's stats:

1984 Bryce York Open 1st Class B 55.5%
1986 New England 1st Class C 67.2%
1987 NH State 3rd Class A 63.4%
1988 Mass Open 1st Class B 52.5%
1988 NH State 2nd Class A 59.7%
1989 NH State 2nd Class A 61.1%
1990 Maine Open 1st Class A 62.8%
1990 Nashua Open 2nd Class A 65.0%
1990 NH State State Champion 64.3%
1991 NH State State Champion 61.0%

These tournaments, and the many others that are not listed here, demonstrate Phil's competitiveness throughout his pitching career. He has been active with the Nashua Horseshoe League and has served as its President. He has also devoted much of his time setting up their computer statistical records.