New Hampshire Hall of Fame
/Richard Doble//

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Joined the Keene Horseshoe Club in 1964 and immediately started sharing the responsibilities in preparation foe Keene's first World Tournament held in 1965. In 1966 he traveled to Mury Utah as club representative where he presented the bid, and was successful in getting the 1968 World Tournament for Keene. In 1974, as club president he was in charge of over seeing all the necessary arrangements for Keene's 3rd World Tournament.

He has been a major contributor in the success of the Keene Horseshoe Club. He has served in several capacities, including Tournament Director and President 2 times. He has rum many tournaments including the Keene Open, the NH State Tournament, the New England Tournament and other local tournaments.

He organized and ran Keene's first handicapped league in 1969 and 70. He has conducted, with the help of the members of the Keene Horseshoe club, several Horseshoe clinics where non-players were formally taught the game of horseshoes.

He has been active in the NH State Association, presently serving his second term as president. He organized and directed the states first hall of fame committee and presented awards to the first two deserving candidates on Aug 13, 1978.

He also has contributed much time and effort to the New England Pitchers Association. He has served as Raffle Chairman, has been a member of the N.E. Hall of Fame Committee and is presently the President of the New England Association.