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Warren truly fits the category of organizer. He has given much of his time over the years scheduling, organizing and managing so that that others might benefit and enjoy the sport of horseshoes.

This fine member is always ready to pitch-in and help whenever there is a need. His friendly, easy-going manner is always in evidence when you're around him. And, I am sure his well-liked disposition has served him well over the years especially, when eliciting help from others.

In 1981 and 82 he was President of the Nashua Horseshoe Club, its membership as well as the number of tournaments increased during his term as president. He also served on the State's Nominating Committee, which presented a slate of officers for those years.

In 1983 and again in 1985 he was the State's Association Vice President.

From 1984 thru 1989 he was Tournament Director, which held its games in Nashua. Currently he serves on the State's Hall of Fame Committee.

Though we are recognizing him today for his organizational skills, it must also be said, that he certainly brings to the game a very competitive and enthusiastic spirit.