{short description of image} Central Mass Horseshoe Club {short description of image}
Rt 140, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
(Contact:) Dave Belle - President 508 688-7881
Patrick Lynch - Vice President
Frank Mitchell - Secretary
Chris Pierce - Tresurer
Central Mass Horseshoe club was established in 1990. We started with 12 clay pits and added 4 more in 1992. All 16 pits are well lighted for night time play. Currently there are no leagues pitching there.
We have a traveling league that pitch on Tuesday nights with 13 teams at this time. We pitch twelve 20 shoe games of count all with a 90% handicap.
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The traveling league is a sanctioned leagur and you must have a Massachusetts NHPA Card.
{short description of image} There are a least four (4) sanctioned Sanctioned tournaments held at the Central Mass Horseshoe Club pits every year.
Plenty of parking at Central Mass Horseshoe club.
 Map and directions to Central Mass Horseshoe Club.