New England Horseshoes
Tip of the Month April 2000
{short description of image} by Doug Kienia,
Wells Maine
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NHPA Hi 3 / 74.85
With the weather getting warmer here in New England, there are thoughts of getting outside to start a new season of horseshoe pitching. You may be thinking, "What can I do to throw more ringers?"

The tip I have for this month is (follow through) with the shot. Without going into a classroom lesson, I will call a follow through the continuation of the hand upward after releasing the shoe. This will help in two ways: 1- alignment will improve. 2- timing will improve. You should practice this until you are doing it without much thought. The spring time is a good time to practice follow through as timing is off for most pitchers this early in the year and it is easier to feel if your doing something different each time with your short.

I believe that the follow through is one of the most important things that must be done to be able to repeat a short time after time. I hope that this will help some pitchers improve their game and may all of you have a good year pitching.

Thanks Doug