New England Horseshoes
Editorial 27 March 2001
{short description of image} by Jim Hanson Sr.,
Ashburnham, Massachusetts
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NHPA Hi 3 / 88.00% Misses
"2 Ringers Six" The perfect score in an inning of Horseshoes. What's the feeling when you get both shoes around the stake? Maybe the 60% plus players is more the Norm then the unusual. They expect that 75% of their ringers will be doubles. To the 10% player getting 2 ringers on the stake in one inning is the best thing that happened all week and was probably an accident.
How do we announce this perfect event to the scorekeeper? I as a score-keeper have had it announced many ways.
Most say 2 Ringers six, some say 2 On, some say Six, some put up 5 fingers and a thumb or 4 fingers and 2 thumbs. Some just flash their fingers and I'm supposed to figure out if it meant six or they just gave me the bird. The worst way to get the score is when you have to read their lips. You mostly get this from the upper classes. I never did get a degree in lip reading. Maybe they are afraid their opponent will hear them. No matter how you try to hide it, believe me your opponent knows you got six and they got zero.
So let's give the scorekeepers a brake players. Say 2 RINGERS SIX !!! When we get 2 ringers at the bottom class we let everyone know. 2RINGERS SIX,
Did you here that down at pit # 24 2 RINGERS SIX !!!