Archie Jones


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In 1984 Archie went fishing at the Boat dock on the Connecticut River, and met three of his friends Allen, Art, and Terry Shepard. They were playing horseshoes. They asked Archie if he would like to play some shoes? He said, "I have never played before." "Come on and play any way." So they played a few games, and this is how Archie got involved with horseshoes.

The following year he went to Springfield and joined the Vt.H.P.A. He played in two tournaments. He won Class I in the New England Tournament in Springfield, and really got hooked.

He started to play leagues in Claremont New Hampshire and in Lebanon N.H. He helped put in more pits so more could play. He went to Lebanon and got sports person of the year. The following year he was chosen to pick the sports-person of the year, and also the most improved player of the year. He did this for several years.

He started a horseshoe tournament in Saxton River on the fourth of July, to raise money for the following year. He did this for about five years until he got sick. He helped several local fairs to set up a better round -robin system to allow as many contestants that wanted to play without too many byes.

He was asked to set up horseshoes at the Polish picnic grounds. He ran this for four years before becoming ill.

He went to Bennington to help put up the fences for the New England's. When Bennington got the bid for the New England's he was going to help put in four courts, but he fell from a roof and got injured. Archie owns a roofing company, so he sent his crew to Bennington to help out. During the New England's he helped by refereeing. He also played in Class J with a 7-0-41.0% - 1st place.

Archie participated in many Vermont State Tournaments from 1985-1998 with two 1st place's in 1988 at Bennington; in Class B 7-0-42.4%, and in 1989 at Sodbuster's; in Class C 6-1-48.9% High Game of 60.7%. His last State Tournament in 1998 at Sodbuster's in Class C 6-1-37.42% 2nd place.

Archie helped many players by qualifying their averages, and getting them involved with the Vt.H.P.A.

Many players have joined Archie at his barn to keep playing throughout the winter

He has been to the World Horseshoe Tournament six times. They were Pleaston, CA., Spearfish, SD, Stone Mountain, GA., Biloxi, MS., Columbus, OH., and Syracuse, NY.

Archie also organized horseshoes at Woodstock Senior Center. Archie also made models of all the Vermont horseshoe clubs and the Keene club out of copper.

In 1996, Archie received the Wendell Burnham Award for his dedication for horseshoes.