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Bob Chapman started playing organized horseshoe in 1964.

Bob and his wife Suzanne, live in Swanton, Vermont for the summer and in the State of Mass in the winter. They have 2 children, Lura Lynn and John Robert. Bob is a retired school teacher, school administrator, and coach. He coached cross country, track, basketball, and baseball for high school, is an I.A.A.B.O. basketball official, officiated track meets in the state of Mass., and sports film photographer covering football.

Bob was right-handed, shooting "Gordons" using the ¾ turn shoe.

Formany years in the 1960's and 1970's, Bob helped organize and run the horseshoe tournament at the "Swaton Summer Festival".

In the Vermont State Tournaments, he played in many of these tournaments. In 1971, Bob won the Men's State Title in Class A with a record 7 wins and 1 loss, averaging a 54.3% (tied for first place and played in a play-off with Roland O'Dell by head-lights from cars, as there were no lights at the Springfield courts). Bob took second place 4 times in 1972, 73, 75, and 78. IN 1972 Class A 2nd with a record of 6 and 1; averaging 55.8%. In 1973, Class A 2nd; record of 6 and 1, averaging 52.0%. In 1975, Class A 2nd: record of 5 and 2, averaging 56.1% (High Game of 68.8%). In 1978, Class A 2nd: record of 4 and 3, averaging 57.1% (His highest average in Vermont States). In 1977, Bob finished in 3rd place - Class A with a record of 5 and 2, averaging 54.0%. His last Vermont States was in the year of 1986 - Class A, with a record of 2 and 5, averaging 36.6%. (Highest Game % in State Tourney - 73.7%).

Bob played in 4 New England Tournaments at Keene NH. In 1964 - 1st place in Class DD, 1965 - 1st place in Class E, In the year of 1977, Bob played in men's Class A, finishing in 15th place with a record of 2 wins 13 losses, averaging 52,0%. In 1978 - Class A, 14th place; with a record of 2 and 13, averaging 57.7%.

Bob also played in numerous "Northern" Tournaments in Middlebury and South Burlington. He won the Class A title ten times in his career. In 1967, at the Maine Open, 1st place in Class C.

Bob was a very good sport; always pleasant and agreeable on the courts. He was know throughout Vermont and New Hampshire for his great play in the game. Always willing to help and teach a new player a thing or two.

Bob was the State President for the Vermont Horseshoe Pitchers Association in the 1967-68 and in 1979-80.

The VT H.P.A. is very fortunate and honored to have Bob Chapman inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as an Organizer/Pitcher.