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Bob Dean started playing horseshoes around 1970 in Bethel, Vermont. Bob throws a flip shoe - right handed, using American Horseshoes and now the Bronco's.

Bob and his wife, Roberta of 50 years live in Bethel. They have 5 children, and 6 grandchildren.

Bob's first NHPA sanction tournament was in 1976 at Springfield, Vermont. He played in the Vermont Spring Round-up in Class C with a record of 6 wins, 3 losses, and 38.4% with two high games of 46.0%. Since then, he has participated in many tournaments around New England. He won the Vermont Open in 1979 & 1984 in class C. Then again he took 3rd place in the Vermont Open in class B in 1986.

Bob's first Vermont State Tournament was in 1976, in Springfield, Class C with a record of 4 - 3 - 41.1%. He has played in 23 Vermont States since then. His best in Class A was 4th Place in 1988 with a 4-2- 48.6%. 1986, 5th place with a 3-4-47.4% with a high game of 63.6%. The highest game pitched in Class A was in 1983 with a 70.0%.

He belongs to the Sharon Horseshoe League in Sharon, Vermont. Bob has been a member of that league since 1979. Bob was president of the league two different times. He held the highest percentage, except for five years, during that time. Bob also helped to promote horseshoes and maintain 40 players for the league during that period.

When Bob is not enjoying a good game of horseshoes, he is very active in his community. He is a Business owner of several businesses since 1956. Airline pilot for 40 years. On the Bethel Fire Department for 45 years, Chief for 42. Present Assistant Chief. Served on the Mobil Oil Corporation Advisory Council on the National Level. State Fire Warden for 40 years. Past Master of Masons-Secretary for 20 years. Present Master. President of Bowling League for 20 years, President of Bowling Association. Leader of the Peapickers band, playing the tenor banjo, for 20 years. Group plays mostly for Senior Citizens Center and Old Folks Homes. Won 8 years out of 11 at the Craftsbury Banjo contest.

The Vt.H.P.A. is proud to have Bob Dean inducted into the Vermont Hall Of Fame as a Pitcher.