Dick Green


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Dick Greene started playing organized horseshoes in 1973. One of his first events was June 2nd of that year. He brought home the first place trophy for winning Class D.

Dick lives in Bennington, Vermont. He has one son; Joe, and four daughters; Debbie, Laurie, Tara, and Tracey.

Dick is a member of the "Bennington Horseshoe Club" in Bennington, Vermont. Dick was Vice-President of the club for seven years. In June of 1978, Dick was awarded a plaque for his outstanding work by the "Bennington Horseshoe Club". In 1991 and 1992, Eight more pits were added to the Bennington Club, and Dick was a big help in getting these in. Many thanks go to him and others for their hard work. In 1997, he helped to build a screened area in front of the score building, and in 1998, helped build a back shed onto the original building for most of the supplies that were already in the structure.

Dick has played in many tournaments throughout New England. At Bennington, in 1976, Dick took 1st in Class B and again in May 1978, took 1st in Class B. On June 1983, Dick took 1st in Class A. His remark to his victory was "It's been a long time coming" after defeating Kevin Hollister in a play-off for the "Turkey Round-Up"; held at Bennington. Again; July 17 of the same year, He won the "Southern Vermont Horseshoe Championship, held in Springfield, Vt. In 1985, the Bennington Horseshoe League brought Dick 1st in Class A. In 1993, he took 3rd place in the "Ted Sausville Tourney", and in 1997, in the "Fred Butler Challenge", Dick took 3rd.

His accomplishments in the "Vermont State Tournaments" started in 1974, his first State Tournament, in Class B. He had a 2 and 5 record; 40.6% average; high game of 50.0%. His first Class A was in 1976 with a 1-6; 45.6%; HG 56.0%. In his 19 years of pitching in Class A States, he finished 2nd place twice; in 1986 at "Sodbusters" Middlebury, Vt., with a 5-2; 58.0%; HG 66.1%, and in 1988 at "Bennington", with a 4-2; 54.1%. Dick finished 3rd place 3 times, 1983 at "Sodbusters" with a 5-3; 56.6%; HG 67.7%, 1991 at "Bennington", his best average ever for States, with a 5-2; 62.5%; HG 77.1%. 1993 at "Milton", Vt., 4-3; 58.2%; HG 66.7%.

Dick also played in many "New England Tournaments" in his horseshoe career. His first New England was in 1973, Class GG , 1st place, with a 6-1; 37.6%. In 1977, at "Springfield", Vt., Class CC, 4-3; 48.8%; HG 55.9%; 4th place. 1982, at "Springfield", 5th place, Class BB with a 3-4; 57.3%. In 1985, Class A, 1-6; 60.8%. 1989, Class B, 1st place; 6-1; 60.3%. In 1992; Bennington held their first ever New England Tournament ( 3rd Roger Bolduc Memorial). Dick and many others were instrumental in getting it together. His record was 2-5; 53.6%, in Class B.

The Vermont Horseshoe Pitchers Association is honored and proud to have Dick Greene inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as a Pitcher.