Forrest Lander


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Forrest started pitching horseshoes in the mid-fifties with a ¾ turn and later changed to the 1 ¾ turn to play in tournaments.

His first tournament was in 1957 with a ¾ turn. In 1958, Forrest played in Bennington, Vermont and won the Class B Championship with the 1 ¾ turn. He won the next year in Springfield, Vermont. In 1960, winning in South Burlington, Vermont. In 1961, Forrest played in the Class A with Ted Sausville and Fred Butler.

`During his early career, Forrest started his own country band, and played in fewer tournaments. He would play in the Northeast Club and sometimes the State Tournament in Class A. Forrest didn't fair well during those years.

In 1980, Forrest started to get back into horseshoes. At Springfield, at the Vermont States, in Class B; Forrest took first place with a 6 wins and 1 loss with a 49.1% High Game of 64.0%. He went to Keene, NH to play at the New England's, finishing in second place, Class BB with a 5-2-59.7%. Forrest changed his turn to a 1 ¼, but after that Forrest could never pitch it again. In 1981,the first State Tournament to be held at Sodbusters Club, Middlebury, Vermont; placed fourth in Class B with a 3-3-44.0% High Game of 52.0%. It was a very wet day in Middlebury - a lot of rain delays. In 1982, the New England's at Springfield, Vermont, Class CC with a 1-6-36.6%.

Forrest played at the Milton Club and won there a few times in Class A. He played at the Champlain Valley Club, Sodbusters Horseshoe Club for many tournaments, also played in Maine, and the Huntington Club. He played in Florida and pitched against Fast Freddy in the Florida State Fair. Fast Freddy was a World Tournament Player.

The Vermont Horseshoe Pitching Association welcomes Forest Lander into the Vermont Hall of Fame as a Pitcher.