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Granville Dressel started his organized horseshoe career play at the "Springfield Horseshoe Club" in 1969 at Springfield, VT.

Grannie (his wife Marilyn deceased) has three children, 1 daughter, Dixie, 2 sons, Mark and David. He lives in Springfield.

Grannie was one of the instrumental and driving forces of starting up the old "Springfield Horseshoe Club". In 1969, he started clearing the brush and trees out and leveled the ground for the courts. He helped to lay out the first ten courts: poured cement for the pads, and installed the stakes to the correct measurements and distance. A few years later, he helped to add six more courts, and later on, two more courts for a total of 18 courts for the club. Grannie also assisted by installing the chain link fence around the courts. He helped to raise the light poles for night play. Grannie helped to raise money for their storage/food concession shed next to the courts. Helped Paul Sylvia (Hall of Famer) on the Springfield scoreboard for the New England Tournament with flag holders for all the six states in New England.

Grannie was selected President of the Springfield Club for 8 years: 1972-1979. During this time. Grannie was also the Tournament Director, running many tournaments for the club, The Vermont Open, The Southern, and especially the Vermont States. He served a few years as Treasurer/Secretary.

Grannie also participated in many New England Tournaments, 1971-1972, 1974-1978. In 1978, he placed 1st in Class C with a record of 7 wins and 0 loss with an average of 46.2%. In 1971, Springfield's first Vermont State Tournament, Grannie finished in 5th place in Class A with a 2 and 5 record, averaging 50,0%. In 1973, 3rd place, with a record 0f 5 and 2, averaging 43.1% in Class B. In 1975, Class A, in 5th place, record of 4 and 3, averaging 47.2%. In 1978, 1st place in Class B, with a record of 6 and 1, averaging 48.2%. In 1982, 1st place in Class C, 5 and 2 with a 42.2%.

Grannie is well known throughout New England as a player and organizer. His love and encouragement for the game was an inspiration for a lot of players. He was willing to explain the game and the rules to the new players. The Springfield Club wouldn't have lasted long without him in the early years of existence without his dedication.

The VT HPA is very proud and honored to have Grannie Dressel inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as an Organizer.