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This gentleman, Henry Cooper, was born and raised in Bennington VT. In 1959, Henry moved to White Creek, NY.

Henry, with his wife, Eleanor live in Eaglebridge, NY, across the border of Vermont. They have three children, Frank, Nancy, and Ellen.

In 1970, Henry joined the Bennington Horseshoe Club (Changed the name to the Green Mountain Horseshoe Club, and later back to its former name,) transporting back and forth each week as well as working in the area. Henry has been a member of the club now for 26 years.

In 1971, he made a trip tp receive clay for the new courts installed from Hooseck Falls, NY.

Throughout the years, henry has always lend a helping hand for getting the courts in Bennington ready for their tournaments. Most recently, helping to add 4 more courts, new light poles, installing more fence, new score board for the New England tournament in 1992, and whatever else that needs to be done for the club, so that the club reaches their dream of 24 courts.

In the 1950's, Henry helped to organize a league between four working plants in Bennington and North Adams, Mass. They would play on one court to 21 point game, process elimination. Henry finished in second place in the league one year.

In the years of 1988 and 1999, Henry was Vice-President of the club and countless years of assisting the Tournament Director.

Throughout the years, Henry has won numerous trophies and averaging about 35%. Henry is known throughout the state as a player and organizer. A gentleman on the courts, always courteous to his opponent, and is eager to help with keeping score on the courts. He encouraged new players, and trying to explain the game to them. Henry also sponsored the Juniors that wanted to play in the Bennington tournaments in the 1970's. He would buy, horseshoes for the juniors, offer transportation (including trips, to the old Springfield Club), and pay their entry fees for the tournament.

In 1995, Henry was awarded the "Wendell Burnham Memorial Award" for outstanding sportsmanship and dedication to the game of horseshoes in the VT HPA.

The VT HPA is very proud, honor, and fortunate to have Henry Cooper inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as an Organizer.