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John Fisher started playing horseshoes in the late 1930's at Brattleboro, Vermont. He shot right handed with the 1 ¾ turn, and his favorite shoes were the "Ohio O's". His wife, Janet had 4 boys John Jr., Scott, Richard, and Frank. They have several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

John and his wife helped to construct and organize the Town Yard Courts. Later the Crowl Courts and then moved to the Living Memorial Park. Through the years they helped to run many leagues and tournaments at their club. He helped run the Brattleboro Horseshoe League from 1949 through the late 50's, and was captain many times for his team on the league.

In 1960, the Brattleboro Horseshoe club honored John and Janet a recognition award, "The Loving Cup" for all the years of service to their club.

John participated in many tournaments at Brattleboro and other clubs in New England. He played in 6 Vermont States that we have on record dating back to 1950. He finished 4th twice in Class A in 1958 and 1959. In 1954, his highest percentage in the Vermont States, in Class A had a 6-5 with a 50.6% for 5th place

IHe played in many Brattleboro Town Tournaments. His best Town Tournament was in 1956, in Class A, with a 9-0. His highest percentage in the Town Tournament was in 1954 with a 46.0% game.

He played in many Southern Vermont Tournaments from 1949 to the 1960's. He finished 3rd twice in 1958 with a 4-3-54.8%, and in 1959, 5-2-49.3%.

John traveled to several New England Tournaments. He took 4th place in 1954 in Class B with an 8-3-50.2%, and 2nd at Dover, N.H. in 1957, Class B. His first NE Tournament was in 1954 with an 8-3-50.2% record in 1954.John played at the Gilford Vermont Fair for many years. At the age of 75, John won his last tournament at this Fair. Roland Fisher, his cousin, said about John that he was a pressure shooter and threw a big arch - very tough competitor..

John passed away in 2004 at 85 years old.