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Ken Downer is a co-founder of the Sodbusters Horseshoe Pitching Club, located in Middlebury. Ken is one of only two of the original members of the 1966 that has held membership continuously for the club's 32 years of existence.

Ken, along with his wife, Liz Downer (Vermont Hall of Famer) live in Lincoln. They have one daughter, tammy.

Ken has held many officers within the club, state, and New England Association. He has held the following officers in the Sodbusters Club, Club Recorder in 1967-1969, 1971-1972, President in 1974-1975, Vice President in 1973, Treasurer in 1977-1980, Tournament Director in 1977, 1982-1983, and in 1986, 25th Anniversary Committee in 1991. Ken also held the VT HPA office of President in 1980-1982, 1987-1988, 1990, served on the VT Executive Board in 1980-1990, served on the Vermont Hall of Fame as Chairman, adoped in 1983 thru 1990. He also served on the New Executive Board from 1982-1990, President of New England Association from 1985-1986.

Ken, with his wife, Liz received the Sodbuster's Special Recognition Award in 1983 for his contributions to the club.

He has pitched in Class A for several years. Finished 3rd in "A" at a Sodbusters Tournament in 1993 with a 52%. Highest game ever pitched was in a New England Tournament at Lewiston, Maine in 1982 with a 70% in one game. Ken participated at the World Horseshoe Tournament in 1982 at Huntsville, Alabama, and in 1983, at Statesville, North Carolina, finished 3rd place in Class F with a 54%.

In 1997, Ken was inducted into the New England Hall of Fame as an organizer/Pitcher.

Ken is well known throughout new England as a player and organizer. The VT HPA is fortunate to have the knowledge and experience that Ken provides us, and is very proud to have ken Downer inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as an Organizer/Pitcher.