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Ken Frechette was born on Feb. 20, 1920, He was married to Luclla and had 2 sons, and 1 daughter; "Trapper", John, and Cynthia. He was in the Army Corps of Engineers in World War II and later worked at the Crasby Milling and the VT Agency of Transportation.

Ken started playing shoes with Roland Fisher in 1949 and played to the mid 1960's. He played many years on leagues in Brattleboro, Vermont. Averaging around 35%.

He played in several Vermont State Tournaments. In 1950, in Class A had a record of 1-10-32.6% (They had to go to 50 point games). 1954, Class A with a 3-8-33.8%.

At the New England's, in 1954, in Class B with a 1-10-30.8% 12/12 record. In 1960, Class C 4-3-46.4% 5/12 record. In 1963, Class BB with a 4-3-51.2% in 4th place.

He was not a high percentage player, but was loyal to the club and fellow league members. His wife also kept score many times.

Ken passed away on April 23, 2001