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Len Farrington started playing horseshoes in 1938, and in the late 1940's was playing in organized horseshoes tournaments. Len shot "Gordon's, Ohio "Os"', and Ohio Pros" with a 1-3/4 right hand turn; averaging 55%.

Len and his wife live in Bennington. They have 3 children, Wanda, Leo, and Carol. They also have 9 grandchildren and 9 great-children.

In the 1950's at the "YMCA Recreation Center" on Gates Street in Bennington, Len helped to install 8 courts. Between the 50's and 60's, the Rec Center was the main site for league play and for holding major tournaments including the "Vermont States" and "Southern Vermont Tournament". Len was Vice-President for many years at the Rec Center and was Tournament Director for many tournaments.

In the late 1950's, Len and many Vermont players broke away from the "National Horseshoe Pitchers Association", to form the "Vermont Horseshoe Association". The reason that they left the "NHPA". Len said was that many of the Vermonters didn't like the way the "NHPA" was running things - paying too much and not getting anything back in return. Len was elected President and Treasurer of the new association and held that office for two years, after two years, the membership voted to get back into the "NHPA".

In 1971, Len and a "few" horseshoe buddies organized and worked endless nights and weekends in creating the "Bennington Horseshoe Club" at Willow Park. This included laying out the courts and installing the fence around the courts. Len helped organize tournaments with Roland and Leon O'Dell. He was elected President for one year, and Vice-President for two years.

Len has played in many tournaments, especially "Class A" over the years and has pitched against the likes of Fred Butler and Ted Sausville. He pitched at places like Burlington, Brattleboro, Springfield, and Bennington, Vermont, Keene NH, and Springfield, MA. In 1970, Len finished in 3rd place at the "Vermont Southern" at Springfield, Class B with 3 wins 1 loss, averaging 41.7% - High Game of 45.3%. In 1971, finished 2nd, Class B at the "Vermont Southern" in Brattleboro with a 6 and 1, averaging 39.5%. In 1971, "Vermont States", Class B in 3rd place with a 5 and 2 record, averaging 41.2% - High Game of 60.0%. In 1973 -"Vermont States" - 2nd place in Class D with a 5 and 2, averaging 35.1% - High Game 50.0%. In 1975 was Len's last "Vermont State Tournament".

Len stopped playing horseshoes in 1987, due to health reasons. Starting in 1987 the "Bennington Horseshoe Club" held a tournament in his honor. This tournament still continues to this day.

The VT HPA is very proud and fortunate to have Len Farrington inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as an Organizer/Pitcher.