Lester Georgina


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The late lester Georgina of Chesterfield, N.H. was never a fellow who would score a great amount of ringers in a tournamment, but would score a great amount of respect and admiration from his fellow players during any tournaments that he would run or paricipate in.

Lester's biggest contribution to the game was his willingness to organize tournaments and to promote the game, to teach new members on how to improve their game, to organize local clubs, and to develope and build new courts.

Lester started playing horseshoes in about the early 1040,s. He helped to organize "The Bratteboro Vermont Horseshoe Club" and to build the 16 clay courts at Living Memorial Park in Brattleboro, VT.

In 1965-1966, Lester served as 3rd Vice President of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association: a high honor to hold for any one member.

His best ringer average was about 47% in a vermont Open in the mid-sixties.

Lester played in numerous of Vermont State tournaments. Due to records lost in the past prior to thr year 1970; in 1971, Class C with a record of 4 wins 3 losses, averaging 31.3% (high game of 42.6%). In 1974, Class D - record of 6 and 3, averaging 29.8%. His last Vermont State Tournament was in 1977 in Class G at Springfield with a 4 and 3 - 21.0%.

Lester would participate in 9 New England Tournaments. His best finish was in 1962, where he placed 3rd in Class I with a record of 4 wins - 3 loss, averaging 33.7%. The VT H.P.A. is very proud and fortunate to have Lester Georgina inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as an Organizer.