Maynard Brown


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The first available on Maynard Brown are in 1938 when he finished 11th place in the New England tournament with a 1 win 10 loss record, averaging 53.5%. Starting in 1939, maynard would win his first Vermont State Mens Championship with a record of 11 wins - 0 loss, averaging a 56.0%. From 1939 - 1970, Maynard will win the Vermont State Mens Championship 13 times (From 1947 to 1956, eight times in ten years; five in a row from 1950 to 1954 ). His best average in the Vermont States was in 1965 when Maynard averaged 70.6% with a 7 win - 0 loss. Two other years he averaged 69.3% and 67,8% for 11 games. Through the years that Maynard won the State Title, his win/loss record was an astoning 111 wins and 5 losses with an average of 62.7% His best high ringer percentage game in the Vermont States was in 1951 where he shot a 83.3%, and the most 4-deads in a game was in 1965 against Fred Butler was 9 in a row..

Maynard won the Southern Vermont Championship 10 times, finished 2nd three times and 3rd twice in 15 tries.

Maynard pitched in the New England Tournament 5 times in his career. In 1953, in the Mens Championship Class A, his record was 6th place out of 12 with a win/loss of 7 and 4 averaging 67.6%. In 1954, his best finish was second place out of 12 with a record of 10 wins - 3 losses, averaging with a 67.8%. That same year he won the southern Vermont Title with an average of 71.5% and the Vermont State with a 11 and 0 record pitching 69.3%. 1966 was the last year he played in the tournament, finished second place with a 5 wins an 2 loss, averaging 63.5% in Class A. He went into a play-off, and then finished in 4th place with a 0 and 3 record, averaging 60.5%.

In 1965, Maynard finished 6th place in Class B of the World Horseshoe Tournament held in Keene, NH, averaging 60.2% after qualifying with a 65.3% in the preliminaries.

The VT H.P.A. is very proud and fortunate to have Maynard Brown inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as a Pitcher.