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Mickey Bedard joined the Sodbusters Horseshoe Club in 1972, and was a member until 1995. He was inactive two years in the mid 1980' because of back surgery. He held various offices in the club, including President, treasurer, and tournament director. He was instrumental in helping build the first twelve courts. He also served as President of the State Association for a time, and was a member of the New England Board of Directors for two years.

Mickey played in many tournaments all around Vermont, including Brattleboro and Springfield, both of which are no longer in existence. He won his class in States once or twice during that period. He also won his class one time in the New England tournament in 1981. This win was in Lewiston Maine, and came in a playoff game. He was 6 wins 1 loss, and had a 31.3 percent for the day.

Mickey loved playing horseshoes, but most of all he loved meeting the new people at different tournaments. He was always willing to lend a hand, whether it is turning pits, keeping score, or helping in the recording booth.

Most of all, Mickey wants you to know that he is very surprised and flattered to be elected into the Vermont Hall Of Fame, especially after so many years of not playing horseshoes. His heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to all who deemed it fit to bestow this honor on him.

Last but not least, a warm hello to all of his old friends who are still pitching, and a silent prayer to those with whom he competed that have since passed away.

It is an honor and a privilege to induct Mickey Bedard into the Vermont Horseshoe Pitcher Association Hall of Fame as an Organizer.